Do you want to collaborate with us? Together we can make this dream come true!

When we started the project we wanted to acquire a container so that we can move around the city, this dream may still be possible, and if you are interested we would like to count with your support.

The prices of containers, restored and conditioned like an art gallery, are over 10,000 $, so we have thought to make a campaign!!
It will allow us to buy the materials and container without any repair, if we could raise $5,000, this dream would come true!

As ARTErias we would invest in putting the labour and equipment to build and refurbish this space.
Join us in this new adventure!!

The most urgent thing that we need now is funds for the construction of the space, as well as materials that we can reuse, if you want you can contact us directly via mail: or whatsapp +591 692 33302 or +49 157 58792477. We know that many of you don't have a lot of money, but we appreciate every donation! We continue to set up a donation function on this page, but as always the website maintains a percentage of the total, the easiest way to do this is to donate directly to any of our accounts in: Germany or Bolivia.



  • Tonia Andresen
  • IBAN: DE94360100430783545432
  • Postbank Essen
  • Betreff: Spende Container Projekt


  • Oscar Octavio Soza Figueroa
  • Banco Union cuenta en bolivianos
  • Swift: BAUNBO22
  • Cuenta: 100000-19685855
  • Referencia: Donaciones EL CONTENEDOR

Thank You!

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