…the right to the city must be considered, not as a right to what already exists, but as a right to rebuild and recreate the city, and art is a tool for doing so.

[David Harvey, 2013]





The collective ARTErias Urbanas invites Bolivian and international artists who work in the field of contemporary art to send applications to produce a work for the exhibition SPECIES OF SPACES inside the container parked in the Parque Autonómico in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The collective offers space for max. three (3) works, depending on the size of the work presented. We are looking for proposals dedicated to the public sphere, the right to the city and urban creation, the art space and/or the relationship between art and citizenship.



With an educational program for children and young people we want to increase awareness in the creation and participation of the city. A series of films and talks deepens the subject matter at a more theoretical level, while an urban gardening workshop generates a feeling of care and preservation of the environment, thus forming a sense of community in the city.



With the first station of the CONTAINER we want to create an open space of appreciation in an urban park of the city, that invites to discuss the public sphere, the space of art and the relationship between them. An exhibition inside the container dedicated to these thematic lines, functions as a starting point. With a program around the container, which invites with its variety the general population, we want to reach especially people who normally do not have access to the arts.


We’d love to count with your help, find out how you can be part of THE CONTAINER