...an open space with high accessibility, a mobile space that can be installed anywhere in the city.

The Container functions as an artistic space and meeting point, inviting everyone to participate, especially the population living near by. The space offers the possibility of exhibiting a variety of themes, to work together among professionals, artists, students and neighbors, in order to form a network next to the institutions of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The first objective of the container will be to create a living space of exchange and organize four presentations in different places of the city in the season 2018/2019.


1st semester 2018

Dedicated to the public sphere, right to the city and art as a way for social transformation.


2nd semester 2018

Opens a field of reflections towards a different world and the imagining of possibilities.


1st semester 2019

Aims to visualize experiences that normally are invisible in everyday life with a focus on gender equality.


2nd semester 2019

Is dedicated to the knowledge of the native peoples of Bolivia, understanding our past in order to go towards a future.




// VENUE: Parque Autonómico


-    open call for an exhibition with focus on the public sphere, art spaces and/or the relation between art and citizenship

-    film program and documentaries about ‚right to the city’, community based and urban projects

-    Three talks that examine the subject: 1) the art institution and artistic practices that question it; 2) the right to the city, urban city planning; 3) urban art - forms/strategies of artistic intervention for social transformation.

-    - urban/community gardening workshop in the park of the city

-    An educational program to increase awareness in the creation of the city: with a map and games the children discover the space and the exhibition while they create their own works and reflect on their meanings.

-    diverse interventions in the public sphere: performances, acrobatics, concerts, graffiti

-     Three workshops of artistic formation on artistic practices related to the city, psychogeography, urban interventions and graffiti-mural


1º Estación

Parque de la Autonomía



In 2009, after our first adventure on the streets as ARTErias Urbanas, we realized that the educational factor was crucial, not only to attract children, young people and adults, but also to strengthen the level of appreciation of artistic work and artists in our city.
Children's Program

A series of workshops based on playful dynamics. The children learn by playing while they wander around the Urban Park searching tracks, deciphering the secrets of the city and by understanding the works presented in this first station of the Container.

For this purpose, the children's program seeks to socialize these activities with the nearest educational units, in order to make a schedule of visits and games.


Youth Program

Three films accompanied by preliminary talks will form a beginning to understand where revolutions arise and the importance in recent years of the vindication of public spaces.

World movements and marches such as the Arab Spring, the 25M, the 68 revolution or the Black October in our country will be a starting point to understand the dynamics of power within the city.

The evening sessions will be accompanied by music and artistic activities such as dance-theatre and performance.


Family Program

On the weekends the focus will be the family: with activities ranging from guided tours to conscious food workshops, yoga and physical health sessions such as the urban gardening workshops. In addition to games and contests that promote the active participation of the family and acrobatic presentations.




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