ARTErias Urbanas

We are ARTErias Urbanas, a collective that brings together artists of all kinds to build a movement that reflects our need to interact in the public sphere, to open the art world to our people, to contribute to the artistic development of our city, but essentially, to contribute to the integral development of us as people.

Since our formation in 2009, the collective ARTErias Urbanas perceives art as a valuable tool of inclusion, as possibility to create a social movement. With its concept of an open art, ARTErias Urbanas aims to expand the access to culture and implements projects that work with and around the population. Art is not only a form of expression, it raises questions that go beyond the purely aesthetic and can produce reflections on diverse themes increasing new knowledge. Public art, together with the participation of the citizens, can function as an agent of urban revitalization and cultural development to consolidate a sense of community in the city.


Plan of Action

We want to develop our creative artistic potential by intervening with society, relating to it in its urban environments.

For this purpose, we have defined three complementary axes of action: the Production of Artistic-Cultural Goods, Diffusion and Cultural Management, as well as Artistic Formation and Training, all united by Research and Action projects; a transversal axis that will allow us to reach the objectives outlined.



Lines of Action


Within the last 8 years ARTErias has organized a range of events like: the Urban Manifest (Manifiesto Urbano), the Urban Wave (Ola Urbana) or Ikandire, to name a few, that have allowed us to create art works as well as organize interventions in the public sphere.



ART30" is a project of short-videos that was developed as a way of giving something back to the friends that have helped and collaborated with us in all the years. 



With ARTErias we have dedicated some of the projects to investigation with a research-action-participation-line, especially in the field of artistic formation.


My little School of Art (Mi Escuelita de Arte) is a social project that brings us a lot of joy, every holiday in our space at Barrio Oriental the children choose their own schedule, have fun and get to know new techniques, skills and knowledge in the field of the arts.